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Bonnie Summers is young, beautiful, intriguing and ready to take on all of life’s temptations. Well, at least she thinks so. She’s oblivious to the street life and everything that comes with it. That is until she meets the notorious Karl Atkins, who she falls deeply in love with but this here is no ordinary love. Karl brings Bonnie into his world of fast money, drugs, and dark phases. After countless encounters with betrayal, infidelity, scandal and endless drama, she is now so far removed from that innocent 18 year old girl. How do two lovers become enemies so quickly? Are you ready for The Blame Game? Brace yourself and prepare for a journey through the brickyard and cobblestone streets of Philadelphia, and into the lives of characters, unfiltered and as real as they get. This fast paced and thought provoking novel will leave you on the edge of your seat…and with one question, whose fault?

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